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Global commodity flow, European Market Infrastructure Regulation and UK Electricity Market Reform (with consequential Strategic Code Reviews), have all made today’s energy market complex and uncertain.

Without comprehending and analysing the many facets that abound in our markets it’s very hard to get a complete view of their potential risks and outcomes: advising in this area has now become very specialised. We know that if you don’t stick with the tough analysis through to the end, you will never find the answer: that’s what we do.

With such complexity – we believe that thorough analysis, innovative technology and competitive finance are essential tools for which investors, financiers and the senior teams in energy and mainstream industry need to have to hand to create value or mitigate risk. For the past 10 years we have been structuring transactions and arranging finance.

The solution is to contact Global Energy Advisory

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Who are Global Energy Advisory?

Global Energy Advisory is led by Aily Armour-Biggs. With over 23 years’ global energy and banking experience including key senior industry positions, she is one of the most respected figures in the industry.

Previous roles have included both Head of Power & Utilities, UK and Europe, for The Royal Bank of Scotland and Executive Director UBS International Corporate Finance.

She is a former Chairman of the Electricity Forward Agreement Association in the UK and was a successful energy trader.

Global Energy Advisory was recently invited to present in depth to a group of UK Members of Parliament, to assist them in their understanding of future global energy dynamics.

We laid out a number of detailed scenarios, constructed using a combination of our powerful stochastic modelling and our insightful thought leadership.

As a result, the MPs were able to comprehend in a vivid way the uncertainties and volatilities facing the global energy sector.

Global Energy Advisory can help you…

Significant value can be created or destroyed through energy trading. That’s why we offer an independent energy trading resource for financiers, investors, traders and risk committees. We also help structure transactions, arrange finance and act as expert witnesses.

Specialist market knowledge

  • Electricity market reform;
  • Balancing market and future price projections;
  • UK, European and Australian energy market operations;
  • REMIT; and
  • European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

For energy traders

  • Center – an alternative to letters of credit, parent company guarantees or posting cash as trading collateral;
  • Capabilities – a 134 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) framework showing the key attributes required from the trading firm of the future; and
  • Bespoke trading workshops and simulation sessions.

For investors and developers

  • Asset valuations;
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiation; and
  • Using our many trusted relationships and extensive networks: market access.

What our clients are saying…

“Cygnet Solutions has been working with Global Energy Advisory for more than five years. Cygnet relies on Global for up-to-date, accurate and relevant information pertaining to the UK and European energy sector. Despite the torrent of information available (e.g. new legislation, forecasts, opinion pieces, technology announcements,etc. ), Global has the capability to process large volumes of such information, and to understand its relevance and degree of importance to us and our business. Organisations such as Cygnet do not have the resources to manage directly the quantities of information published. However, Global’s ability to distil the data, and filter out extraneous material, makes it relatively easy for Cygnet to stay abreast of important developments”.
Brian Higton

“Aily and her team have the extraordinary ability to present the hard truth about energy with clarity and accuracy. Their strategic thinking is invaluable: it enables anyone who will listen to understand the unparalleled challenges they face in today’s energy markets and equips them to respond appropriately.” 

William A.S. Doig.

“Global Energy Advisory helped us in due diligence with Advent’s investment in OREcon Ltd., a wave energy company. Global Energy Advisory prepared an excellent review and also provided numerous and relevant high-level contacts and set up meetings within government and the energy industry to help us assess this new sector.”
Dave Cheesman, General Partner, Advent Venture Partners

Working with Global Energy Advisory on our Center initiative has been excellent. The Global Energy Advisory team are innovative, intelligent and have a unique market and risk focus.”
Andrew Notman, Group Treasurer and EVP Capital Markets and Funding, Orbian Corp

“It is our responsibility as a leading Chamber of Commerce to present our members with unbiased information about factors affecting the business environment, however unpalatable. The stunned silence following your presentation at our recent “Energy and the Economy” debate at Windsor Castle testified that the truth about security of future energy supplies, both for the UK and globally, had hit home. As a result, we are sure that business leaders from our area are better informed and therefore better able to steer their organisations through the difficult times ahead, and, importantly, identify potential commercial opportunities.”
Paul Briggs, Chief Executive, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group

“It’s their innovative approach which makes Global Energy Advisory so different – and so valuable. They understand the risks and uncertainties around our business and the future of energy – and turn them into opportunities. Their unique expertise allows us to optimise the potential of our business”.
Steve Tillman, Director, Miller Argent

“Over the past 4 years Global Energy Advisory have been consistent in their messages about global commodity volatility, I think Aily has shown leadership within the industry by promoting these important messages.”
Douglas Wright, Renewable Energy Systems, CEO, Northern Europe & Asia Pacifica

“It’s one thing to provide thought leadership: it’s quite something else to apply this in a common sense manner to real solutions. Global Energy Advisory has demonstrated a practical and helpful approach to risk-managing key financial regulatory requirements in the energy sector”
David Love, Regulation Manager, British Energy